Salon Styler Pro - award winning virtual makeover software for the Beauty Industry.
For its excellence in design and function, and for significantly raising the standard of its field, NauSoft's Salon Styler software has been awarded The Golden Calculator Award.
"I am writing to you to let you know what a big hit Salon Styler is in my salon. It is much easier to use than I though it would be and with your videos it was very easy for everyone to learn to use. Our clients like it much better than flipping through stylebooks. We can show them how some styles will not work and others will work with the shape of their face, so they know the outcome. Since we have installed it, we have been picking up new clients who have heard about our unique service."
Elisabeth, CA
"Salon Styler Evo helped me pass my professional exams in Finland State Beauty School. Now I enjoy working with it in ] Virtual Salon in Helsinki. My clients love seen how they will look in the different styles and are welling to make major changes to their look with confidence."
Katija Manula, Finland
"We are now using Salon Styler Evo in all of our Hair Beautiful locations. We have trained our receptionist to work with the clients and Salon Styler so they are now also income producing."
C. J. UK
"I received Salon Styler Evo last week and to say that I am delighted with it is an understatement. It is much more advanced than any similar software I have ever seen."
Larysa, Czech Republic

Salon Styler Evo

Features overview

Salon Styler evo is a powerful hairstyle imaging software for professional use in beauty salons, hairstyling schools, and by makeup artists and cosmetic surgeons. In a digital makeover session you can quickly fit your clients with hairstyles from Salon Styler's database of 1,000s of hairstyle choices. Plus, you can apply makeup from the most popular seasonal color pallets and much more.

Salon Styler Evo works with three view of the client for 3D hairstyiling simulation. When a hairstyle is chosen, the program automatically rotates the head to the proper view and fits the hairstyle to the client's photo.


Salon Styler Evo comes with the world's most extensive database of hairstyles ready to fit on your clients photos. It has more than 850 hairstyles for men, women and children. They are organized into six collections (wedding, parties, everyday styles, etc) and can be accessed by hair length, angle of view, hair type (smooth, wavy, etc) as well as by hairstyles with and without bangs. Salon Styler Evo also displays variations of each of the hair styles that can be fit to the client's photo by simply clicking on the hairstyle. In total there are more than 46,750 choices ready to try with a click of the mouse.

Once a hairstyle is set, it can be modified in many ways. You can cut, lengthen, add body, reshape, lighten, darken, color individual locks, change the color of the hairstyle to customize it for your customer.You can add two diferent colors to the hairstyle in one time. These powerful editing features allow you to modify the existing styles and add them as new styles to your library for future use in Salon Styler Evo.

Make up

Not only does Salon Styler change hairstyles but it also allows you to do a complete digital makeover by applying makeup.
The makeup colors can be selected from seasonal color pallets or from a custom color picker. As you apply the makeup, you have control over the size of the area effected, the brush size and the pressure of the application tool. If a mistake is made, it can be undone with a mouse click. Salon Styler Evo allows for unlimited undo and redo.

With the contour morphing feature you can simulate face lifting, body shaping and other major chaanges of the face and body.

EZ to Setup - EZ to Use

While Salon Styler Evo is a powerful program meant for professional use, it was designed for ease of use.

No special computer experence is needed to master it. It works with all kinds of web cams, digital cameras and scanners. When using a TWAIN type camera (virtually all digital cameras except for Sony and Olympus) the client's photos are loaded directly into Salon Styler and are ready for a digital make over session. With non-TWAIN cameras the photos must first be saved to the system's hard drive and then can be opened in Salon Styler Evo.

The interface is clean and logically laid out and was designed for many hours of use without tiring the eye.

Video Training

The biggest expense of most programs is not the purchase cost but the training cost. This is especially true in a business setting where a high value employee or the business's owner unusually has to take time to first wade through thick program manuals and then spend time training the other employees and each new hire. To eliminate this problem, Salon Styler Evo comes with a complete step-by-step video lesson that will walk you through all aspects of the program. A person with no special computer experience can sit down and watch the lessons, experiment with the program and within an hour master the program.

As well as the video training lessons, Salon Styler Evo comes with free phone technical support.

Other Features

Salon Stylers Evo is loaded with many high-end features. With it you can change a photo to preview the results of plastic surgery or weight loss. It comes with an extensive library of designer eyewear, mustaches and beards. You can easily add your own hairstyles to Salon Styler Evo's database. There are a wide array of ways of displaying Salon Styler Evo's makeovers, everything from slide shows were one image morphs into another for a Hollywood effect, to multi image layouts.

Salon Styler Evo is sold with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Order now for a 10 day, no risk, money back trial.

Sate-of-the-Art software for the aesthetic medicine.
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